Hiking Trails on and near Mt Chocorua

Mt Chocorua is one of New Hampshire’s most frequently hiked, well known, and easily recognizable mountains.  It has a substantial network of trails; several trails are very heavily used, but it is usually possible to avoid crowds (until you reach the summit) by taking less popular trails.  In addition to Mt Chocorua, some of the trails also traverse the Three Sisters (First Sister 3,354′, Middle Sister 3,340′, Third Sister 3,320′).  The Champney Falls TrailPiper Trail, and Liberty Trail are the most popular trails.

Although Chocorua is relatively low (3,490′) compared to other major White Mountain peaks, its trailheads are also located at low elevations, resulting in a substantial amount of elevation gain that makes Mt Chocorua as strenuous a hiking trip as many much higher peaks.   Any of the round trip options to the summit are over seven miles in total length and a will take six hours or more.  These hikes are recommended for moderate to strong hikers only.

Please consult a good trail map before you hike Mt. Chocorua.

Chocorua Lake Conservancy Hiking Trail listing